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One of the Florida county services that can be paid for at is child support. This is specifically to say that if you are in Florida, and you are ordered to pay child support, you will have the chance to do so at

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How to make child support payments at

The first step for you to take, if you want to make child support payments at is, of course, that of accessing the website. You can type into your browser address bar, and hit the ‘enter’ key in order to access the website. You can also get onto the site through a bookmark, or through a link from elsewhere (including from a search engine results page).

Once you are at, on the homepage, you will notice that there is a menu at the top, and one of the items on offer there is ‘child support’. That is what is you need to click on, in order to access the page where payments for child support can be made. You can also click on the ‘child support’ payment link provided in the middle of the homepage, to access the pages where payments for child support can be made.

Once you are on the child support payments page, you have the option of either making the payments while logged into, or paying without being logged into the site. The advantage of creating an account, and subsequently making payments while logged in, is in the fact that while logged in, the process of making payments is more convenient and generally streamlined in a better way.

If you decide to make payments without creating an account (that is, to make payments without being logged into, you will need to look on the right hand side, where you will see a section labeled ‘make payment now’. Click on the ‘pay now’ button in that section, and that will get you started on the payment process. That process starts with you adding your case, which you could do on the basis of the depository number, on the basis of uniform case number. Then you enter the amount to pay. In the next step, you enter the billing information, before confirming the payment, to complete it.

If you decide to first create an account, you will need to just click on the ‘create account’ button on the middle of the page, and that will lead you to a page where you can initiate the account creation process.

Options for making the payments

You have the option of either making the child support payments at using a debit card or a credit card.

Whether you decide to use a debit card or a credit card, you will have a wide array of choices in terms of card brands you can use: from Visa to MasterCard and onto Discovery and Amex, depending on your preferences.

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