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People who have accounts on the Florida county services payments site at can log into those accounts, in order to make payments in a more convenient and better streamlined manner. These could be people looking to make payments for child support. They could also be people looking to make the payments that are necessary when ordering official records, or people looking to pay traffic tickets.


Accessing the login page is an interesting site, in the sense that there is no button or link labeled ‘log in’ or ‘sign in’ on the homepage. So, how do you access the login page?

Well, the first step, if you want to access the login page, is to click on the button or link that leads to the service you are interested in paying for. That could be the one for child support, the one for traffic tickets/traffic citations or the one for official records.

Supposing you click on the one for child support, you will notice, once you get the payments page, that near the top right corner, there are two boxes meant for entry of the username and the password respectively. That is where you get to log into The same applies if you click on the ‘official records’ main menu item: where, upon being taken to the page for official records payment, you find, near the top right corner, a section with a field for entry of the username, the password and a ‘login’ button. Take note though, that this facility doesn’t seem to be there for those paying for traffic citations.

The required login details

At, you are only required to enter your username, and your password, in order to log in. You create the respective details during the time when you create/set up an account on the site. login procedure

As mentioned earlier, the first step is that of accessing a page with login functionality: and this could be the child support payments page or the official records payments page. Then you enter the username and the password. Then you click on the ‘login’ button. login password recovery

If you happen to have forgotten the password for, you just need to click on the ‘forgot your password’ link, which is found next to the login button. That will initiate the process through which you will be able to recover the password.

A note on logging in and making payments at

It is worth mentioning that people who want to make payments at don’t have to be logged in. You can make the payments without being logged in. Logging in does, however, help in making the payments process much more convenient and much better streamlined.

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